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Brasserie Cantillon | Cantillon Gueuze | Lambic

Brasserie Cantillon | Cantillon Gueuze | Lambic

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6% 750ml

Brasserie Cantillon say...

"Cantillon's classic Gueuze. To create this beer, the brewer takes about ten Lambics from different barrels in order to select five or six which will be used for the Gueuze 100% Lambic presenting the typical characteristics of the beers from the Cantillon brewery.

Arguably brewing the most sought-after beers in the world, Cantillon brewery's Jean Van Roy has near god-like status in the world of beer. Brussel's Cantillon is a lambic brewery, where the beer is exposed to natural yeasts in the air and left to ferment in small oak barrels for several years. Beers of different vintages are then blended to balance the sweetness and sourness."


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