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Craft beer and the lovely people of Worthing - one week in it

So, we’re just past week one and thought I’d quickly put finger to keyboard and tell you what’s what. Blimey, what a week. We even made the local rag.
On Friday 26 October, when we opened at 5pm we couldn’t believe there was a queue out the door. Good old John Ford, the Micropub Explorer, was first through the door. Friday was a blast and the week continued in the same vein. We had a great time and have met such lovely supportive people. Thank you to those who have already popped in to see us and we’re looking forward to meeting those of you who haven’t yet.
Everyone seemed to enjoy our selection of beers from both the four taps and the fridges. We plan to always have a session strength beer below 5% ABV, something a little different like a Saison or new style of beer, a dark beer and then something with a bit of welly on the final tap. We were hoping to be able to provide these to takeaway using our snazzy counter pressure bottle filler, which will keep beers fresh for 6-8 weeks, but frustratingly we’re still waiting for the bottles to be delivered. We’ll keep you posted on their journey to us.
It’s been great to see people tucking into and trying some of the more unusual beers we keep in the fridges. It was one of our goals to create an environment where people could enjoy sharing and chatting about beer. We’ve had some brilliant feedback on some of the beers which have been taken home. We’re also loving the suggestions and tips which have been given, please keep them coming.
People have been asking what Beer No Evil is. Well, we’re whatever you want us to be, off license, micropub, craft beer house, taproom or shop. But the one thing we are about, is beer. We have two ciders and a red and one white wine as well - because we know not everyone drinks beer.
Quite a few people have asked “how can you be a micropub if we only sell keg beer on tap?”. It’s great to be put in the same league as Worthing’s other micros but we’ve never said we were a micropub, but to be honest whatever you think we are, we just want to have great beer and conversation at our heart.
Anyway, must get on, beer to research and plans to be hatched. We look forward to seeing you soon.
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