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Garage Beer Co | Triple Soup | TIPA

Garage Beer Co | Triple Soup | TIPA

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Garage Beer Co say...

"Here it is. Soup. Times 3. For the 4th anniversary of our move to the production brewery in San Andreu we wanted to do something a little bit special. We’ve taken Soup and scaled it up to TIPA territory and then dumped ridiculous amounts of Citra and Mosaic in 5 of the most modern and impactful formats; Incognito, Cryo, T90, BBC & Co2 Bittering extract. The list of names sounds like a group of universe saving superheroes and in their own way they are. Incognito is a new one for us. Added at whirlpool stage in liquid form, it allows more aroma to make it’s way to the fermenter than with just pellets alone. Reducing vegetal material also allows production of a very clean wort. We have become a huge fan of Cryo hops over the last few years due to the extremely bright characteristics it brings to the nose of a beer and when paired with the high notes contributed by T90 pellets and the deeper, more stone fruit forward notes of BBC pellets it really sings. On top of all, of theses hop formats we have also dry hopped this beast at four separate stages. All in all, you will have to go a long way to find a truer, broader expression of tropical, stone fruit, blueberry, citrus and slight dank that the darling duo of the craft beer game, Citra and Mosaic, have to offer."

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