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Fyne Ales | Origins Brewing - Nàdar Celeia | Wild Ale

Fyne Ales | Origins Brewing - Nàdar Celeia | Wild Ale

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7.1% 375ml

Fyne Ales say...

"Stone-fruit flavours from our native microflora augmented subtle with gentle floral and citrus hop notes before a refreshing tart finish.

Combining vintages of beers fermented only using the native Glen Fyne mircroflora and aged for a minimum of one year in oak barrels, Nàdar Celeia was dry-hopped with Slovenian Celeian hops in barrels before bottling, augmenting the base beer’s gentle acidity with subtle floral and earthy citrus notes.

The Nàdar series of adjunct spontaneous beers, which takes its name from the gaelic word for 'nature',  will allow us to explore the impact of fruit, hops and other adjuncts on our native microflora’s unique peach and apricot flavour profile."


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